Jewish Birthday Reminder

  • What is a Jewish Birthday?

    Establishing a "Jewish calendar" was the first mitzvah (commandment) the Jewish nation received from G‑d. This unique calendar is based on the lunar month, but is occasionally adjusted so that it remains synchronized with the solar year and its seasons.(Click here for more about the Jewish calendar system.)

    Thus from year to year, a date on the Jewish calendar will fluctuate with respect to other calendar systems, but will always remain in close proximity to its corresponding date on the commonly used Gregorian (solar-based) calendar. For example, if your civil birthday is on June 15th, your Jewish birthday will always be within a few weeks of that date. 

    Jewish Birthday Calculator

    Click here to determine when your Jewish birthday will fall on any given year.

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  • Take your life to a new level with a new mitzvah.

    Give some extra charity today in honor of your birthday. Best just before the morning and afternoon prayers. If your birthday falls on Shabbat or a Jewish holiday, then give before the day begins and after it’s out.

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