Cancelled Flight Keeps Rabbi Speaking on World Tour

Renowned speaker, author and Shliach of Golden Beach Florida, Rabbi Chay Amar,
returned from a speaking tour of Europe and the Middle East.

July 21, 2019

Renowned speaker, author and Shliach of Golden Beach Florida, Rabbi Chay Amar, returned this week from his most recent tour of Europe and the Middle East, where he Farbrenged in several different communities in honor of Gimmel and Yud Beis Tammuz.

More than 50 people heard his lecture in Lyon , France, and some 70 people attended a similar lecture in Cannes.

In Israel, Rabbi Amar lectured at the Yeshivas Nachalat Yosef in Shechem, where he focused on the Rebbe’s methodology of explaining Torah. Rabbi Amar noted how the students, many of whom had learnt through Shas, immediately made connections between their studies and the topic of the Shiur. The Rosh Yeshiva, Rabbi Yehoshua Shmidt, stated enthusiastically “this is the way we learn here”, showing him a copy of “May Tal”, by Rabbi Yechiel Kalmanson, Rosh Yeshiva of Brounoy, France.

From there, Rabbi Amar delivered a class at Ascent, founded 30 years ago in Tzefas to provide a meaningful experience for people seeking Jewish spirituality on their journey through Israel. The organization has recently made significant inroads with Israel’s Birth-Right program, making it mandatory for their participants to attend Ascent as well.

On Friday night, Rabbi Amar stayed with Rabbi and Rebbetzin Traxler, whose Chabad house serves the English speaking Jews of Sfas.  He was impressed by the transformative effect there. One young man said that he no longer felt lonely or lost, and that he had been inspired to start keeping Shabbos. The highlight of Shabbos day was the Farbrengen at Darkei Temimim.

Travelling back to France on Sunday, Rabbi Amar Farbrenged for the Paris community of the 19th quarter where he shared many moving stories about the Rebbe and his innovative approach to Torah.

On Monday, he visited Rabbi Drukman’s community in S. Maur des Fausse , Paris, built from scratch and boasting more than 50 people who now consider the Rebbe to be an important part of their heritage and culture.

Returning to Florida, one of Rabbi Amar’s flights was cancelled, stranding him in Detroit. Not to be dissuaded, he saw this stopover as a sign that his work was yet to be completed. Contacting local colleagues, Rabbi Amar held a Farbrengen at CGI Detroit, whose campers showed refined Chassidisher behaviour and enthusiastic dedication to Torah learning. The Bochurim of Shiur Gimmel Mesivta, sang with all their hearts at the Farbrengen. Their commitment to the ways of Chassidus was very apparent throughout his time with them.

Rabbi Amar is a highly sought-after international speaker. Fluent in English, Hebrew, Yiddish, French and Spanish, he lectures on education, personal development and marriage. He has a passion for Jewish meditation and his YouTube channel, “Soulboost”, features hundreds of videos.

His latest book, “To Be or To Become” is published by Dove Press and due to go on sale this September. To pre-order Rabbi Amar’s new book or discuss speaking events, contact him on

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